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Don't do that. Use the task manager to start your script every 24 h. The task manager (in the system setup panel) is your friend here: You can define which python to use, which user to execute the script (don't use root) and start the script every 24 h without a resource waisting wait.

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Dec 29, 2020 · There is a "DS File" Synology app to browse your Synology NAS via you android phone, but the app is really laggy etc. On samsung phone there is the "My File" app, a file browser that really does the job, and that would be perfect could it browse the NAS.

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Release Notes for Python Description: Python is an interpreted, interactive, and object-oriented programming language suitable for distributed application development, scripting, numeric computing and system testing. With Python, you can develop or integrate your systems more quickly and effectively.

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Dec 12, 2019 · Option 1: Install Python 3 Using apt (Easier) Step 1: Update and Refresh Repository Lists; Step 2: Install Supporting Software; Step 3: Add Deadsnakes PPA; Step 4: Install Python 3; Option 2: Install Python 3.7 From Source Code (Latest Version) Step 1: Update Local Repositories; Step 2: Install Supporting Software

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The Synology package center offers a number of interpreters including Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, and some Java flavors. You could write a script in one of those languages accessing a system's module that may be able to do what you want it to do.

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I noticed that the Python package available for my Synology is over 2 years old. I reached out to them to see about getting an updated one and they said it was a 3rd party package that they don't maintain. Disappointing answer, but oh well.

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Oct 17, 2016 · If you are on Windows and you’re using Python 3.5, download the Netifaces dependency. Home Assistant recently upgraded the Docker images to Python 3.6. So I am not sure if this applies. However, I would suggest trying to install that Netifaces dependency inside the container. You can open a bash console to the container

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Mar 17, 2013 · Python based Eye-Fi Server. Fortunately, Jeff Chang has written a python-based Eye-FI server. Many 3rd party Synology packages are Python based, so it ought to be possible to get this to run. Indeed, Matthias Wirtz demonstrates at his blog how to do this. This works perfectly, but is a bit of a hassle to set up.

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Dec 16, 2020 · Python After you obtain the client email address and private key from the API Console, use the Google APIs Client Library for Python to complete the following steps: Create a Credentials object from the service account's credentials and the scopes your application needs access to.

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Using Cloudflare for DDNS with LetsEncrypt for TLS Certs — medium story Configured macvlan networking for Docker — medium story My Cloudflare/LetsEncrypt certificate has a SAN name for ‘pihole’ so once I’ve deployed the basic Pihole service, I can also add my TLS cert into the lighttpd configuration.
Release Notes for Python Description: Python is an interpreted, interactive, and object-oriented programming language suitable for distributed application development, scripting, numeric computing and system testing. With Python, you can develop or integrate your systems more quickly and effectively.
May 02, 2019 · Upon configuring Directory Server the Synology will provide something like this: Base DN: dc=myserver,dc=mydomain,dc=com Bind DN: uid=root,cn=users,dc=myserver,dc=mydomain,dc=com The password configured is password for the 'root' user Configuration for Cisco ASA / AnyConnect aaa-server SYNOLOGY protocol ldap aaa-server SYNOLOGY (Inside) host ldap-base-dn dc=myserver,dc=mydomain ...
Greetings All, as for now, sounds like I should not upgrade DSM to the major new version 6.1, too severe changes in DSM to be a guinea pig and avoiding hassle. "Never touch a running system" so to speak :) Also in the DSM 6.1 readme: "Due to infrastructure update, packages will need re-initialization after upgrading to DSM 6.1. The process will occupy a higher CPU usage and can take up to an ...
Just install the following through "Package Center": Docker, Node.js, Git, Git Server, Python, Java 8 and then SSH into the synology by using [email protected] then run the code I pasted above, but obviously make sure you change the IP addresses, ports and username and password for harmony.

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Run this first and then try to re-install the library you need again. [code]sudo apt-get install python-setuptools [/code]
Eclipse Mosquitto is an open source (EPL/EDL licensed) message broker that implements the MQTT protocol versions 5.0, 3.1.1 and 3.1. Mosquitto is lightweight and is suitable for use on all devices from low power single board computers to full servers. This came up in a recent thread about what cameras to use with Synology Surveillance Station. Someone suggested HIKvision, which is not "NDAA compliant" meaning the government thinks they spy on us. and won't allow their use in government installations.